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Sunburst Valley Alpacas

One cria at a time.

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Full Fleeces: Beige, Light Fawn, Dark Fawn, Medium Brown
Fiber by the ounce: Prime fleece $5, seconds $2-$4, fiber fill for stuffing items $1
Rosie's fleece shorn in 2012

Fiber for handspinners or for felting

Raw Alpaca Fiber

Price: $1.00

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Full Fleeces:
Fiber by the ounce:
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Shipping & Handling

Price does not include domestic shipping.

Domestic shipping charges will depend upon zipcode and shipping weight.

Each order will include a tracking number to insure it reaches the intended destination.

Product Specs

  • All fleeces have Yocom-McColl fiber analysis completed for the prime fleece.
  • Fleeces are skirted to remove VM, but are dusty.
  • Stored in smoke-free home.
  • You can buy the whole fleece or buy it by the ounce.
  • Purchasing by the ounce will vary from $1 (lower quality fleecees and 2nds) up to $5 per ounce.
  • The fleeces average 3-5 pounds each.
  • Whole fleeces will range from $60 and up depending upon the micron count and density as determined by the Yocom-McColl results.

Product Description

We have medium brown fiber with micron counts between 22 and 30, depending on which animal it comes from.

There is dark fawn fleece with accents of lighter coloration near the legs and belly. Those lighter spots would be in the seconds and thirds, with the dark fawn being mostly the prime. This female has a micron count in the mid 20's up to 30 as it varies within the blanket.

The white and beige fleeces are from our male, Razzle, and our female, Rosie. Their micron counts are in the low 20's

Both Rosie and Razzle's fleeces go rather quickly because they are so soft and have the ability to take dye very well.

Prices will vary depending on the micron of the fleece. Feel free to contact us through email or via phone if you are interested.

If interested in a particular fleece, we can send a sample so you can touch what you are seeing/ reading about online.
If a prime fleece isn't what your are looking for, we also have seconds and thirds that we consider worth keeping around for a project that won't need to be close the skin soft. Some of it has a nice feel, but is too short for spinning into soft yarn. It does, however, spin up nice for rug yarn or works rather well for felting projects.

Fleeces will come to you skirted and free of as much vegetable matter as our hands are capable of removing. If you'd prefer it washed prior to shipping, please let us know and we will be happy to help you with this.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at any time.

Thanks for looking!